Dry Type Transformer

Vacuum impregnated, naturally air cooled, Nomex paper insulated Dry Type Transformer is mounted in a well ventilated sheet steel enclosure suitable for both indoor and outdoor installation with following standard fittings and accessories. The Dry Type Transformer is manufactured conforming to IS 11171/ISS 2026 with off circuit tapping operated through link board with -7.5% to +7.5% in steps of 2.5%.

Fittings and Accessories

  1. Diagram and Rating Plates.

  2. Lifting Lugs.

  3. Two earth terminals on either side of the Tank.

  4. Four, Nos. Bi-directional rollers on the under carriage for movement.

  5. Externally operated tapping switch with position indicator and locking arrangement.

  6. Terminal marking plates.

  7. Jacking lugs.

  8. High voltage cable box for 3 core XLPE cable.

  9. Low voltage cable box suitable for receiving PVC armoured cable or chamber for receiving Busduct.

  10. Low voltage Neutral Bushing.

  11. Marshalling Box with temp. scanner.

  12. Tap board for changing taps.

  13. Removable inspection cover of H.V. terminal box.

  14.  Ventilating Lurvers at top bottom of enclosure.





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